A Look into cfgt's Cupboard of Tricks

networkingandserver.jpg I know you can see the mess of cables there. I'm not a very neat person to begin with when it comes to cables. I fully intended to use a shorter cable instead of the blue one, but that got lent out a few days ago. :P

Among the cables are: 2 CAT5e cables with RJ45 heads, 2 power adapters, 1 plug converter, 1 XBox controller and 1 XBox AV cable (needed for it to boot without FRAGging (flashing red and green)).

The XBox is a fully working LAMP and SAMBA server, running Torrentflux so that I can move my laptop around (and out of) the house without fear of having missed so many hours of torrenting. :D It still does work as an ordinary XBox, and yes it still plays games. :D

Another thing in the picture is a NETGEAR WGR614 wireless router. While it is a router, I am currently just using it as a wireless switch because my Netcomm NB5 modem comes with a router feature. (I believe in separation of power, or what most people might call spreading the load - whatever.)

And that's only one shelf in the cupboard. Anyone want to venture a guess into what else is in it?