rei's Odd Habits When Studying

While it's not really odd, since I think so many of us students do it, but I think most of our parents will easily find this odd. 1. Listening to loud or noisy music while studying. 2. Chatting with friends while studying. 3. Watching TV while studying. 4. Typing out assignments while eating, snacking, drinking, talking on the phone, PSP gaming, making trips to the kitchen, dunking biscuits into a hot drink, and so on.... 5. Pen spinning. 6. Constantly checking your e-mail even though you know nothing is there. (Occasionally, someone might pass you tips, you'd never know. 7. Not write out your assignment/homework until about a week (or even hours) before its due. 8. Sit around doing nothing. (actually you are deep in thought, but you look like you are actually flying around into dream land) 9. Burn the midnight oil. (Even if you didn't have to.) 10. Write out blog posts like this about odd things you do. (which aren't really odd) 11. Watch anime. 12. Watch TV shows. 13. Watch movies. 14. Watch... your watch. (or clock, or PDA, or phone, or - I think you get the point) 15. Take 12 hours to do what would have taken you ordinarily 1 hour to complete. 16. Start clearing your desk, which hasn't been cleared for like the last half a year, when your assignment is due tomorrow. 17. Start clearing (similarly) your room, apartment, toilet, cabinet, closet or bed. 18. 'Suffer' from insomnia due to anxiety for the day after tomorrow's exam paper. (and playing... let's say DotA during this period) 19. Begin to hack your PC, PSP, XBox, GameCube, Wii or anything you can think of just because you don't feel like doing work. 20. Attempt to optimize your BitTorrent download because you think the max bandwidth of your Internet connection isn't high enough. 21. (and the list goes on....)

longtimetofinishhw.jpg Believe it or not, the above work took me 1 day and 14 hours from me reading the question to me writing a 3 paragraph answer.

(On another note, this happens to be post number 404 in WordPress - and my camera is actually pretty good at taking photos, contrary to my belief.)