My Interest in PC Games is Waning

As time passes, I find my interest in computer games is weakening. I spend less time playing computer games than I've used to. Stuff like Counter-Strike: Source and DotA no longer hold much interest for me. I find this a rather disturbing change. When I sit at the computer, I no longer with to play some game, I intend more to sit there, lurk in a few forums and boards, lurk in MSN, then  I decide to just go to sleep. Of course, there's me blogging and fooling around programming (be it a game or some arbitrary stupidity). I don't even post as often anymore. I know there was a time I posted every day, but that lasted about like two weeks. It's not that I couldn't sustain it, I could - but I didn't. The reason wasn't because I thought what I was posting was junk (in fact the part I thought my posting was horrible was somewhere last August). It was probably the beginning of me losing interest in blogging. Ever since then, I've been blogging in a more erratic manner, with a schedule closer to something like once in ten days. Although it never really is around there, and I am making up a schedule that doesn't exist, I'd say I'm close enough.

However, that being said, my interest in gaming hasn't changed. Either its because this year less good PC games came out, or I've actually switched sides. My vote is on the latter. I find myself more longing for my PSP when I feel like a good gaming session. I bought two 6th generation consoles when the first of the 7th generation came out. I am no sucker for punishment - I certainly bought the consoles because they were dead - but they were good consoles. They had good games on them that I wanted to play and in addition - I found them highly sufficient at filling my need for gaming. I now have both portable consoles - both a PSP and a DS.

Funnily, I bought a PSP more out of impulse - and the DS less so. Apparently, my impulse was right. If I had a DS, I would not have been gaming as much. I have no love of the killer app known as Nintendogs - and the touch screen is nothing new to me. There have been too many mediocre games being called sensational for use of the touch screen. They fail utterly to me. The best game on the DS I've played? Phoenix Wright - guess what? I don't need the touch screen. Best use of the touch screen? Most certainly Metroid Prime Hunters.

I believe my gaming tendencies have changed massively in the last year or two. I find myself moving away from PC games towards consoles and suddenly, software modding my gaming consoles is quite fun too. I find myself more fond of my PSP than my DS - funnily for games, not for the console since I actually game exclusively on the PSP - the media features I don't need. I suppose my mind is maturing and changing - and it's possible there will come a time when I stop PC gaming completely. Which now begs the question - should I buy a Wii or a PS3 first?