Boredom Overwhelming

I have reached the point where I regret not bringing back my XBox and GameCube back from Australia. I am now officially deathly bored. I have gotten so bored that I've:

  1. Replayed Halo.
  2. Replayed Star Trek Armada II.
  3. Updated my copy of Vista.
  4. Made an early alpha version of my Warcraft III map.
  5. Replayed Generals and its expansion Zero hour.
  6. Stopped playing Dark Crusade and Warcraft III.
  7. Begun programming useless arbitrary stuff again.
  8. Completed my research on the Wii and PS3.
  9. Learned how to unlock a HTC Hermes.
  10. Thought about getting a HTC Hermes.
  11. Been to Plaza Low Yat last weekend.
  12. Tried out Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express.
  13. Gotten bored of DotA.
  14. Update my PSP's firmware.
  15. Reorganised my hard drives and my storage system.
  16. Built a few more Magic decks. (IRL, of course, digital version coming soon if I manage to test it.)
  17. Slept 12 hours in a day for several days.
  18. Gotten sick of CS: Source.
  19. Been planning to bomb tmnet streamyx's office for not removing their traffic throttling despite 'restoration' of the undersea cables.
  20. Been posting plenty of shit on the blog. (be it private or public)