Welcome to 2007!

Another new year, another new operating system, another new day, another new 'new year' resolution. :P(Yes, I've already tried Vista, I've already tried Office 2007. They rock. I have no complaints whatsoever. Besides the lack of some device drivers, and maybe some software like firewalls. They're coming by 30th Jan, I'm sure.)

Well, last year the resolutions were admittedly pretty lame. This year? What new resolutions could I possibly think of? I think it's time I finish off the rules for Sword Fantasy. I know I've removed and deleted the forums. I believe I have the data somewhere. I think it's time I finish off what I started and complete Sword Fantasy once and for all. The game itself obviously will have to wait, but it's high time I stop procrastinating and finish off the RPG rules.

Update : I've made a small dump file at cfgt.net/forums of whatever I could salvage of the mySQL database for the forums. A lot of it was plagued with spam, so there might be things missing. Inform me if you notice anything missing. What else? I suppose I shall resolve to lose some weight this year. :D

Then, we have the story. I think I'll rewrite the first chapter into a more legible and cleaner form before attempting to further along the story.