Internet Problems

Oh well - if you are one of those who can read this post on this date, I suppose you might consider yourself lucky. :D The Internet problem hit seriously until I finally managed to scramble out a proxy server list. For once, I actually have to thank Telstra for the great Internet access. :D I've been up to plenty in the past few days, mostly gaming, of course. Final Fantasy IX, Legend of Mana, Disgaea 2, Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories - bla bla bla. I actually have a rather substantial library to convert into PSP format. My games library (like I hope most do) includes all the FFs for PSX, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and plenty more RPGs. Especially since the PSP has been lacking RPG action, I think it is finally time for it to prosper as my main console. :D

Having the best of the PSX library being playable for the most part on the PSP is a grand addition to its already formidable game base. Of course, it's nothing compared to the DS, but truth be told, I'm running out of games to play on the DS really quickly. Most DS games don't last very long. Whatever puzzle games there are (barring Sudoku in Brain Age) either bore me out quickly, or aren't close to long enough. :P

Of course, there is Final Fantasy III and Children of Mana to tide me over in the meantime. So far, the only thing I'm waiting for is Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Final Fantasy XII wasn't favourable to me, and so I treat Revenant Wings with similar distaste. :P