Bad Marks for Applied Math Advanced

Oh well. All my marks are out. Needless to say, one subject oddly stood out as awfully bad. I only got 56 for my Applied Math Advanced subject. :P Apparently I wasn't quite as ready as I thought? Or did someone decide it would be fine to give me some sort of warning? The rest of the subjects I thought were fine, and I'll just take this as it is. I have no reason to care too much since this subject isn't quite that important towards my exemptions, I think. :P

Did I get a wake up call? Probably. Although I'm not sure if I did badly because I sucked at it, or because I didn't care much for it. I, myself believe it's the latter. Oh well, what's done is done. Next year is the crazy year - 73 and above for everything except Organisational Behaviour. Heh.

(And thanks to the kind or not-so-kind soul that I'm leeching wireless internet from to make this post. :D)