My Table is Clean - There's a Reason for That

This is a response to this post: My Desk at Chewxy's Blog Some of you might have come from Chewxy's blog to see my 'rather' neat table. Just so you don't think I'm as neat as I appear to me, there's something you need to know about my table. My table is pretty small. I can't have it messy since it would be quite difficult to study since I'd have to stack stuff up pretty high. I'll give you a picture of where my stuff actually is.


So as you can see, it is actually above my head where I usually sit. I consider a part of my table, since I tend to grab stuff from there like it is my table. Now, one picture isn't sufficient to show you the whole thing, so I'll have to start slow. Here's view 1.


1 - Ubuntu Linux CDs - 1 x86, 2 x PowerPC and 1 64-bit (not visible) set of CDs. Used sometimes. 2 - A box that used to house no.9. Now it houses another mess of memory sticks, DVI-to-VGA converter, S-Video-to-Composite converter, staplers, staples, and a whole lot of cabling. 3 - My calculator. Always falls down, always still works. Heh. 4 - My PDA. Doesn't fall down, obviously still works and play Duke Nukem 3D. 5 - Sellotape. If you squint, you can see another roll behind it. 6 - Executive Marble Run. Great desktop diversion. Only reason it's not on my desk is because I keep hitting the desk and everything falls apart. 7 - A Magic deck. Yes, you heard me right - a Magic deck. 8 - PSP travel case. Currently holds 2 UMDs, my music players, 2 sets of earphones, 1 PSP remote. 9 - Desktop Organiser. Obviously not on my main desk since I can reach it when I sit at my desk. It may look neat, but the truth is a lot of the stuff that used to be on it, no longer is. :(

Onwards to view 2!


Nothing much new here. But you can more clearly see - another PSP game case. And I bet you must be wondering what the cable around my PDA is - that's my USB hub power cable. Currently not in use. You can also see the small stack of mail at the back (barely) and some bags of Lindor that you saw from before.

Here, you can also see a very important thing - my PSP strap. So yes, my PSP is actually there under the stack of paper. No, I'm not going to neaten it up for you to see my PSP. The point is to see it as it usually is, so you won't be seeing my PSP. Maybe another angle. :)


1 - HDD music player charger. Oh yeah, you guys haven't seen it yet. (on my blog at least) 2 - A pack of batteries. 3 - A wad of paper. The point of interest is that cabling near the wad of paper. See it? Those are the stock Walkman earphones with an extension cable. I used that once while using Shockrave's PS2 to play .hack//G.U. Part 1.

OK. And that conclude the overview of the top side of the shelf.

Yes - there is a bottom side to this story. And the bottom photo isn't complete. I'm doing this in a rush since I have an exam tomorrow to study for.


1 - Highlighter. I'm quite sure you know what this is for. I use it regularly, so that means a lot of digging every time. 2 - G2 pen refill. 3 - Bet you can't guess what this is - but it's actually a CD scratch remover. 4 - Cluedo playing cards! 5 - My Wacom graphire3 tablet. 6 - Spare printer cable. 7 - A pack of playing cards. 8 - My palmone Universal Wireless Keyboard. 9 - A kinetic energy powered calculator. (I know 8 and 9 look like the same thing in the photo, but I assure you it's not.) 10 - Barely visible, DS carrying case strap. 11 - CD lens cleaner. I spilled soup into my SuperDrive once. This fixed it. Heh. 12 - Sunday Saver Metcard. 13 - To the right of the number, is actually a small plastic bag to make the occasional temporary rubbish bin.

Note that a lot of stuff has been omitted hidden by the papers that I refused to move. I don't have the time to index what's underneath those papers, but I'll tell you what's there - a wireless mouse, a PSP, a USB cable, two more decks of playing cards, a roll of cloth tape, a FireWire 6-pin to 6-pin cable, a 1 metre Ethernet cable and a puncher. And don't get me started on the dresser and minitable I made that's behind me.