Day 1 of 'Studying'

Today is technically the first day of my studying period before the exam. Needless to say, I didn't get very far. Here's what I spent my day doing:


I know, I know - not all of us have bionic eyes that can see through the power of the flash of my weak camera, so for the benefit of those who do not wish to squint to see the game that was playing, here it is:


And yes, I am playing Gyakuten Saiban 2 on the DS. The photo also actually details exactly how I am even doing this. I did at one point try to play it in Japanese (the GBA version) - but to not much progress. Trying to scramble through with my horrible Japanese, the adventures of Naruhodou Ryuuichi was just too wordy for me to play through until I actually begin to learn Japanese.

As to why I'm using this not-so-legal method to play the game, I've been waiting for months. And I'm not so rich as to be able to express a game from Play-Asia. :(

(Oh yeah, the game rocks by the way - I expect to finish it maybe within the next day or so. :D)