My Taste in RPGs

I'd have to say that my tastes in RPGs have quite the tendency to deviate from stuff like the new age Final Fantasy series (meaning X and above). While I'd agree that Final Fantasy X was good, it was not as good and will never be as good, in any respect, as the one that came before it: Final Fantasy IX. That being said, I'm not a fan of FF12. I don't see how anyone could possible play something like that and say that it is excellent, give it 10/10 and so on. I don't know. However, what I do think is that the Final Fantasy series is beginning to suffer considerably in terms of storytelling. That being said, I would admit that my opinions will be biased. I haven't gotten much time to play it, and I'm sure that once I do, I might change my mind about the game considerably.

I'm quite sure I'll be a fan of the Gambit system. Needless to say, I will not lighten the load of Final Fantasy XII until I try this Gambit system for myself. However, while the combat system has taken quite an unfamiliar turn, I believe the storytelling has changed for the worse, seeing the first 30 minutes of the game or so. I will play the game and give it a fair review later on - but for now, you'd have to bear with my experience in the first hour.

The thing is - I (and many other people) determine whether or not we will finish a given game within the first hour of gameplay. Let's be blunt. The first hour of Final Fantasy XII is terrible. In fact, if it didn't have this name Final Fantasy on it, I'm not so sure I would have given it too much credit. If let's say I would to name it, The Adventures of Vaan, chances are you would put the game in some hidden corner for about several months before you come across some review that would convince you to come back and play it again. I'll say it like I think it is: honestly speaking - if you were to say that you enjoyed the first hour of Final Fantasy XII - to me, that is undeniable proof that you are a Final Fantasy fanboy beyond even reasonable doubt. I myself am willing to play on after that first hour - but I am realistic - the first hour didn't sell the game to me. I can't afford to play more - exams are coming.

I am a fan of the old Final Fantasy stuff. I was anticipating Final Fantasy III, although I couldn't care less about Final Fantasy XII. I am awaiting for my chance to play the last episode of the Xenosaga series, the first episode of the .hack//G.U. series and Disgaea 2. I will submit that a lot of people consider these three series inferior to the one I've been talking about for so long - but to me - these games take far higher priority than FF12 ever will get. I've been following the Xenosaga storyline for a long time - even if the game did suck, the storyline doesn't and the storytelling is top notch. It's that last book in the series you have to read just to know how it ends.

Then we have Disgaea 2. I play this game completely based on precedent. Disgaea was funny, had a pretty fun story, several endings and the battle system was classic. You can't fight a game like that. Then we have .hack. I would have to agree - a lot of people aren't big fans of the setting. However, you'd have to admit that the depth of the storyline is by far, in my opinion, quite unrivalled. I find difficulty in not liking a game whose storyline is told in so many channels over so many paths. .hack//G.U. is particularly taking great advantage of this and actually making the games more full length. I am a big fan of these kinds of storylines - and the game itself is pretty OK too.

What about other games I like? You'll just have to wait. This post is too long as it is! :P