Among the Many Mice

People who know me well, at least those who know my computer skills and lack of gaming skill, also know that I have many input devices. Among my many input devices is the mouse. I own more mice than you would be able to use in, maybe 20 years of mice usage. Among them, is the Logitech LX7 I brought to Melbourne: openmouse.jpg

It's still working. I thought a nice photo of the insides of an LX7 would be warranted as I cleaned it of all the grime that had built up while I was at it. It's a good lightweight mouse. Pretty handy for people who don't really need the accuracy of an MX or G series mouse, but I eventually went back the MX series anyway. :P

Update: Maybe I'll just keep this skin. This post might lead up to a photo review of the LX7. Be patient as I prepare for more posts to come! :P