A Few Problems With My Site?

Now that you're reading this post, chances are you've seen that I've reset the skin to the default. I seem to be experiencing some issues that link back to a php file in my new skin, so I'm switching to this default skin temporarily while I find a new skin to replace it. Just when I thought my week couldn't get any worse. :(

Update: I think it looks like this skin will stick for at least another two weeks while I find the time away from assignments. I won't be putting all the other stuff back for a while - meaning the shoutbox, copyright info and several other things will be missing until I find the time to fix up a new skin or edit this one for the meantime. :P

Another update: Apparently, the server was hit by some hacker and he kinda turned all our folders into blank files. Fortunately - I backed up most of my stuff already. The forums were taken down, and I have no intention whatsoever of bringing them back up yet. If I do bring them back, they'll be wiped clean, and I'll be using a different piece of forum software too.

Not a good week for my website huh. :(

Yet another update: The old Brushed Simple skin is back - and probably I'll leave it on for quite a period of time. I knew of the problems with the Lush skin that I modified not working in IE, but I had no idea what was causing the problem. :P But apparently, people using IE to read this blog are far more numerous than I had originally estimated, so I'll work on finding and modifying a new skin after my assignment is done. :D