Random Ideas Streaming In

As you might or might not have noticed, I have made an effort to post daily recently. Another thing you might have noticed is that they were mostly unrelated. (except for the my Internet is erratic part) Obviously, you cannot expect this trend to continue. :D I'll have more assignments soon and thusly, will be pretty busy as time passes. Of course, my brain is still nowhere where it used to be, and that would mean that if my brain's capabilities were to slowly return to normal, you might see me blog very often anyway.

I think it's good for a blogger to keep to a proper schedule of some kind eventually, but without me knowing what my workload will be next week, and the week after next, I have no idea how it would work out. I'm about to just glimpse through my programming book since I have a midsemester tomorrow in typical lazy person fashion.

I hope a good rest today will allow my brain to boot up just fine tomorrow. :D