What I Did on My Birthday Yesterday

I was pretty happy yesterday. My birthday was relatively uneventful for most people, but I thought it was a good day.

In the morning, I played Project Gotham Racing 2 and some Paper Mario for quite a while. Then at about 10, I went online and did what typical people do online. Chat, surf, and vegetate in front of the LCD screen.

Two friends and I went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, and then made a (mandatory) stop at Safeway (a.k.a Woolworths a.k.a. supermarket a.k.a. living needs supplier a.k.a...... hey wait, I should stop this stupidity).

After we came back, I decided to take a nice nap. This nice nap lasted until 6:45pm, when I woke up and ate some microwave pasta, a can of sweet corn, a cup of soup. Of course, this was finished by a nice bowl of peaches and some ice cream. :D

Uneventful. Heck, today I had a test for Introduction to Programming. I was highly amused. :D

(I'm one hell of a boring guy. :D But what can you expect from a bored guy? To me, winning a few races in PGR2 is an grand event since I'm terrible at racing games. Expect another random idea tomorrow. Hopefully.)