Bored in Lectures

If I'm not wrong, learning usually means you're going to see and learn about new things. Learning about new things is loads of fun. I learned the basics of UNIX computing on my Mac last week after I found out I needed to compile some program from scratch so it would work. Before that, I learned from my friend that I would be using UNIX for Introduction to Programming, so I thought it wouldn't be too bad. What I later found out was that the UNIX server didn't really support my xterminal, which was described "xterm-color" (I'm sure all I have to do is change it, but I'm too lazy), which I'm sure is not very common. As a result, I'll probably be doing a lot of work at home, uploading and then testing it online before submitting it.

I went to Maths A to find my lecturer teaching what must have been elementary school maths to most of us in the class. For god's sake, we're in Maths A Advanced! Not Maths A Standard or Quantitative Methods! We had to get good results to even enrol in Maths A Advanced, not allow you to ramble on about things we already know!

Then, we have this subject called Scientific Programming and Simulation. It's fun because you learn something new here. A new language called R, which is supposedly a derivative of S-plus. It was pretty good, until you discover R is just a programmable calculator that runs on your computer and receives text input. Real fun, I might add.

I'm probably going to be bored for quite a while until projects and assignments come in, which is hopefully next week. I'm gonna stop here and go back to watching some obscure MPEG file. :D