Chapter 00 - 4: Prologue Part 4

Before the Arlt Alliance, Arltians did have a war known as the War of 23. This war was, as the name would suggest, the struggle of power by the 23 most powerful colonies. By the time the war ended, only 7 of the most resilient colonies survived within the borders of Arltian space. These 7 formed the Arltian Alliance, gathering less advanced colonies within it to stave intergalactic conflict. The two Terran corporations depended heavily on the Arlt Alliance for the education of the Gifted. Although there were only 28 of them in total, having the Gifted fully utilized was central to the accelerated development the Terrans had experienced. Before long after the 28 Gifted children were placed into key positions within the two corporations, the Terrans caught up with the most advanced colony within the Alliance.

Before long, a 29th Gifted came into view, and was the only Gifted Terran to receive education from other Gifted. This 29th person is now the Head of the First Division of Engineering within the TRi. It is believed that this 29th person already has understanding far beyond Arltian technology due to the unhindered learning from other Gifted instead of the Alliance.

As of now, there have been no other reported Gifted than the original 29. Terran territory has expanded greatly and efforts have begun on restoring the planet Earth. An individual body was formed with funds from GMTi and TRi to commence and execute all restoration processes to ensure neither corporation could lay claim to Earth.

The Terran Meganet eventually spanned far and wide, making Terran territory close to 25% the size of Alliance territory. It is believed that the Arlt Alliance has hyperspace technology independent of the travel gates, but has kept quiet on such technology, fearing that it might be used for conquest instead of exploration.

Darkness falls.