I found a fun new trading card game. It's as you very well know called Hecatomb. In Malaysia, I only know of three places that stock this very very very new card game: Comics Corner Subang Jaya, Comics Corner Damansara Jaya and I think Comics Corner Bangsar Shopping Centre. Three places. It's so obscure, that you have to ask the shopkeeper to unbury it for you. It's a new game from Wizards of the Coast. The base set was released in August, and the expansion is coming in October. Oh, the joys of a new TCG. Now, to describe what the game is about. The theme of the game is very simple and alluring. You are an endbringer - and you want to end the world. If it's all about ending the world, then how can there be more than one player? That's also very simple. You have to do it before they do. You accomplish the end of the world but claiming 20 souls to your name (or your god's name, whichever pleases you). Since the end of the world is inevitable, you gain 1 soul every turn.

The game while remarkably similar to Magic, plays quite differently. You can use any card for mana - you play these cards in the "mana zone". This usually means all the dead cards in your hand. How convenient. ;) There are four kinds of colours or dooms. Corruption (gray), Deceit (blue), Destruction (red) and Greed (green).

Now, of course, you must be wondering how you can get more souls. The best way to get souls is, of course, to grab them from other endbringers. You use something like this:

And yes, it's a stack of three cards. It's called an abomination (no big surprise). I have the actual cards, but I think photoshopping the cards for demonstration is better. you play smaller stuff called minions over each other to create one huge abomination to do your bidding. You attack other Endbringers with this to steal (or reap) their souls. The more minions in the abomination, the more souls you reap. Of course, your opponents abominations will try to stop you.

Sound interesting yet? We also have fates (or spells), and combat fates and combat minions to keep surprise in the game. If you are interested, you could start by buying a starter. I also suggest getting another 4 boosters packs with it. I know it sounds pretty hefty, but with one starter and 4 boosters, you get 92 cards, of which there are roughly 23 cards of each doom to build your deck from. With 92 cards, you can build a far more coherent 2-doom deck. Trust me, it'll be a lot better than fooling around with a single starter. And you can build a second deck to play with a friend. (Trust me, you also need a second deck to play. Few people know of this game, and even fewer will be willing to shell out the initial costs, so you'll be stuck playing solitaire unless you actually have a second deck to lend people.)

I'll end this right here, and then maybe I'll continue to mystify you with how fun making abominations are. Or, maybe not. ;)