Chapter 00 - 3: Prologue Part 3

Fortunately for the TRi and GMTi, they have made few enemies in their deep space exploration efforts. However, this is more of result of intelligent life being scarce rather than Terran prudence. They have made a few allies other than those through the Arlt Alliance as well as some enemies. Following advice from the Arlt Alliance, the two Terran corporations have refrained from involving themselves in any underdeveloped planets. Apparently, history has proven that interference will only cause disaster for the race being artificially advanced. The TRi and GMTi hiring has seen little diversity in terms of race. This is actually because few races in the Arlt Alliance would consider working outside their own races' companies, and even fewer would consider working with a corporation that isn't part of the Alliance. In that sense, the TRi and GMTi are full of normal humans, not taking into account the Gifted. The majority of the Terran race speaks either English or Standard Mandarin, which were adopted as the two main languages of the Exodus parties. This proved to be a peculiar advantage in trade.

The Arlt Alliance had developed a translation technology which it had no qualms in sharing. This made it easy to accomodate the two simple 'dialects' which Terrans spoke into the Alliance language database for translation in their device. Some races also favoured trade with Terrans because there was no need to learn an obscene amount of dialects just to trade among the multiple trade stations and complexes scattered across Terran territory. Some races simple preferred not using a translation device for the fear of it producing the wrong words in the wrong context - although such errors are generally tolerated most of the time.

Within this relatively new and growing race, some of the Gifted had begun to execute a plan covertly among themselves. And within this plan, there were a few people who had yet to learn what role they had to play.