Chapter 00 - 1: Prologue Part 1

The year is now 3021 AD. The structure of the Terran race society is deceivingly simple. Two major corporations control the entire Terra System and all Terran ventures. Behind these two major corporations are the majority of the Terran population descended from a planet in a solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy called Earth. The two corporations are well known by their acronyms: GMTi and TRi. They together control more than several thousand space stations scattered along the galaxy, and control the largest military forces among the small alliances that it has formed with other races from different regions of space. Terran advancement in technology was accelerated by thousand fold when a small expedition leaving the Solar System found a traversable wormhole. Further expedition through the wormhole yielded communication with other races, mostly more advanced races which had been connected by travel gates.

These more advanced races were part of a group called the Arlt Alliance. After several months, the Arlt Alliance agreed to build a travel gate closer to Earth in order to facilitate trade between Terran and Alliance worlds. While the trade arrangements had been beneficial to Earth, the Alliance had declined to divulge any technology to Earth. This eventually resulted in Earth forming a phantom corporation to acquire technology from the black markets within the Arlt Alliance. This venture succeeded and led to the creation of several smaller corporations to continue research and development of such technologies.

However, all did not go well for Terrans as Earth eventually became far to dangerous to live on. A major move to new planets in the Terra system was made. This became known as the Terran Exodus of 2753AD. This sparked a major revolution as the entire multiple nation system of Earth crashed and each colony started its own small corporation to manage the colony and trade on behalf of the colony. As time passed, a few colonies merged their corporations into larger ones to form the GMTi. Not long after that, the TRi was formed. Eventually, these two corporations took over every other Terran colony. The only ones that remained independent were those who refused to work to their capabilites. These people joined rogue foundations started by the GMTi and TRi to fuel mercenary operations in the underground of the Arlt Alliance. The phantom corporation which handled this eventually became a superpower also, monopolising the information and communication networks of the Terrans.

This third corporation, however was small and had little power compared the two major ones. In 3020AD, it was agreed that it would also control the transportation networks between Terran worlds. GMTi and TRi has acquired technology to build travel gates in order to speed up the advancement of all Terrans. This corporation would come to be known as the Terran Meganetwork Corporation. The corporation had been given more responsibilities over the past decade, as tension has risen around the GMTi and TRi.

Most employees of the two corporations are already preparing for an onslaught as conflicts over trade territory rise as the number of contracts with worlds within the Arlt Alliance and other worlds discovered during exploration diminish. Uncertainty and doubt rule the colonies, but one thing is certain - dark times are coming.

- to be continued -