Examinations Start Monday

My hiatus seems to be dragging along for a long long time. No meaningful post. I'm going to actually start working on Sword Fantasy when my exams are over. I'll be rethinking the classes, and hopefully I won't be creating characters that are far too powerful or far too weak. My exams start this coming Monday, and end on Friday. After that, I believe I'll be going full force with developing formulas for Sword Fantasy mechanics, and hopefully they'll make sense to some degree - so that I can move along.

What kind of formulas might we be seeing? Simple ones at first. Will we be seeing a game? You just might see a game - sometime in December or January, if you are lucky. The game might be for PC, or it might actually be for the Windows Mobile platform - depending on my mood. I believe that writing and debugging this game might the most fun thing I've done for months.

What about my Magic craze? It ain't over. It'll slow down depending on what happens, but I haven't decided on whether I'll be going to the Ravnica prerelease. It'll depend on the preview cards. Of course, I'm eyeing the Boros Guildmage. To me, that Guildmage rocks.