Readership and Censorship

This blog doesn't have much in the way of people reading it. At all. Sure, there are loads of readers - at least my site statistics say so, and of course, I'm nowhere close to ever using my bandwidth to the max thanks to all these super small PHP files. Disk usage is high, bandwidth usage is low. I have no idea how small or how big the audience for my site is, but however small it is, I apologize for the lack of quality content lately. It's not entirely writer's block - it's more like self censorship. I have a lot of ideas about what to blog about, but I believe that it is in my best interests as well as long term interests to keep them to myself.

I've been distracting myself with Magic greatly. I believe I'm using it as an outlet for unused brain power or sorts. Jogging my brain to find various ways to win the game. Over the past few months, I've learned a lot about the game: 20 life is actually very little - so little that my games usually find me running down my own life count to around 3 before I turn the tables and win the game. Combos are difficult to pull off without some sort of tutoring - and life is happier if your deck is just full of pure synergy rather than full of bull strength. I still have to learn a lot about synergy, since I'm still puzzled over how well Myojin Flare plays - even if it is as slow as time, it's as fun as Earth is. :D

Another thing I've learned is that studying is becoming tedious and boring. I just can't stand walking into another class if I already know what is going to be taught in that class, how it is going to be taught and what is going to be said. It's just plainly impossible. Imagine walking into a class completely prepared - you know what is going to be taught something like 3 weeks ago when you read through it, you know what it going to happen, how it's going to be taught, even knowing what the slides on the screen are going to contain. All that - and now - include a hypnotizing voice. Now - try to keep awake. I know the freakin' lecturer isn't boring - he's very interesting - it's just that trying to stay awake during lectures is near impossible for me, if not impossible.

My Maths capabilities are beginning to return after 3 months of Quantitative Analysis classes. My speed is again beginning to return to my normal pace (which some people might call err... really fast :P) and my accuracy is back to normal. However, my efficiency algorithms have not quite been regenerated, but I believe that I've gotten faster to compensate for the current lack of them. Fortunately, I get to use a calculator for my exams, but I believe I should practise for working with the lack of one: I should regain my speed with standard calculations.

I'm still trying to find a cool new topic to talk about - and I hope you will remain patient. If I ever get down to finishing my PSP review, it will be up on Mambo - not on my blog. :P