The Chewxy Case: Publicity Stunt?

Today, chewxy finally came out of 'hiding' and explained his few nice blog posts. While it would have been nice to say that he could orchestrate this entire thing by himself, as I have hinted, he probably had a least one accomplice to help in the orchestration of the plan - even in the hoax. Of course, let's just leave chewxy alone to be slaughtered, killed, hunted for petrol money, covered with tar and feathers. :D As far as most of us are concerned, we were either humouring him, or believed his post through and through. I will decline to comment, as such comment may lead one to a reveltion that oneself is a bloody idiot. Was this a publicity stunt for The Anthology? Probable. Was this stunt funny? No. Was this a prank? If it was a prank, it was a pretty short one at that. Of course, planning a far more elaborate prank would likely be in the flavour of reality that the Royal Police Force may deem it wise to hunt you down. :D

What's my next article? Probably more details on my approach to Hondens - with my terrible lack of Sensei's Divining Top. ><