The Chewxy Case: Backyard

Considering the conspiracy theories that have branched out far and wide about the post here: Click here to see it. (This post assumes that he did kill someone, and is really confessing to some murder, is on the run and makes many other assumptions.)

I've decided to check up on the reality of some of the facts he has claimed to be true on his blog. Since I know him personally and read his blog, I thought it would be fine to run a little check on him since he lives pretty nearby. I've received the e-mail on his 'departure' and his 'handing over' of filming to Eliar and some other parties involved in the project.

Firstly, I tried figure out where this backyard of his house was. The fact is, the 'backyard' of his house is likely on the backlane - which is usually solid cement. If there was a backyard, most people generally extend the house so that the backyard disappears as it is more often than not, a total waste of valuable space. If there was a backyard, then there would only be space for one body. Human body that is. This has led me to conclude that it is most definitely not in the backyard of his house. I went to confirm this, and his backyard is cemented - and the cement was definitely not several days old. :D

Then, I went to look at the front of his house - being completely tiled, any tampering would've been obvious: so I'd highly doubt there would be a body there either. Hence, it would be safe to conclude that his house does not house any portion of the body. If it did, the murder would have happened long before the house was there and long before chewxy had ever lived in that house (he had only moved there in recent years).

Since he has only starting running fugitive now, it would be wise to conclude that the murder was not anywhere that far back in time, considering the efficiency and proficiency of Malaysian forensics. I have proceeded to attempt to locate him, but his family has no current knowledge of his whereabouts.

And now, I would like to conclude that I have no idea who or what Jeffrey is. I would like to add that I have not heard of this Jeffrey. Of course, this Jeffrey could be anyone, but I believe that this name is merely a name to mislead you. The person's real name is likely not Jeffrey, knowing that chewxy is far more intelligent that he appears to be (no offense to you if you're reading this from some cyber cafe somewhere, don't kill me :D).

That is, of course, if Jeffrey is a person. Knowing him, it might just be a large animal. Of course, cats are out of the question, but a large dog might suffice as Jeffrey. His personification of Jeffrey, however, places my doubt elsewhere as I believe he would not describe the killing of an animal by stabbing. He would be far more subtle. After all, I don't see why he should let a super large dog into his living room.

From all of this, I would believe that this act was likely not committed in or anywhere remotely related to his house. Of course, he could be talking about his old house, and tricked some budding young actor with a annoying high-pitched voice and stabbed him with some kitchen knife. Obviously, I haven't got to visit his old house: not yet. In time.....

(Note: I have reason to believe he has some sort of accomplice in this matter, seeing as how cleaning an entire house and kitchen sink and kitchen knife and person is likely to be a Herculean task for one person. It is also probably he lied about photo taking - it would extremely difficult to stab someone and take pictures alone. I believe blood splatter would likely dirty the lens and he would have to stop in the middle of stabbing to clean it, which is not plausible. Be vigilant. ;) )