Seeing Shades of Gray

I'm always late with my post about current issues. Nothing new about that. I always come out late with my posts. I would like to think that I think over my posts several times before actually posting about it. Everything that I do becomes undone usually because I tend to rethink everything excessively. The haze situations has worsened to the extent that I'm unsure as to how safe it is to actually walk outside. The situation can be accurately describe as a gray tint on everything that is more than a metre from you, and a gray fog over everything further than 1 kilometre away. 1 Utama, which is walking distance from my house, it nearly invisible. It can blend in with the background of gray. It's all gray gray gray and more gray every damn day.

Walking outside feels like walking into some post-apocalyptic world from some anime. Everything is overshadowed by smoke, you can't see further than one km and the overshadowed sun lays on some pretty yellow tinting on the haze. Add some wrecked highways and cars, a few collapsed bridges, some crumbled buildings, and you have the perfect post-apocalypse scene. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration - but the environment is such. If all of use had hazmat suits, I'd reckon that some paranoid person would be now be at home figuring ways to put it on, take it off, store in a bag, and put it back on before walking outside. Masks are a need now - the last time haze hit badly, masks weren't needed. Now, no mask, and you might find yourself in a nearby hospital.

Darkness falls.