Battlestar Galactica 2005

(I actually wrote this several months ago, never noticed that I forgot to post it. :D) Recently, since Cinemax decided recently to air the recent Battlestar Galactica miniseries and the first season, I decided to watch it for myself at an earlier time through other means. (We shall leave these other means to your imagination. :D)

I have seen this series through - from the first part of the miniseries to the first season finale. It has so far been good. I don't see anything keeping them, but somehow, the storyline is very relaxed. While so far it is good, and there are a lot of internal and external conflict between the characters, there is no speed in the show. It feels not like they're running from the Cylons, like in the episode "33", but more like having a jolly good time in the middle of space playing tug of war with each other.

However, the various subplots do go well with each other, and probably does portray what would occur if there was such a crisis. After all, humans all have nothing better to do than fight and kill among each other, even when you're busy running your sorry little butt off from a rampaging infinitely large invading force called the Cylons. I believe that while Season 1 involved little fighting with the Cylons, Season 2 will bring the Cylons into much greater and closer perspective as if I'm not wrong, Season 2 will have an episode where Cylons invade Galactica. Sounds like tons of fun. :D