A Prelude to Infinite Mana

Several cards in the Kamigawa Block have lent themselves to building an infinite mana combo. The components of the combo are simple. The two fundamental parts are Freed from the Real and Orochi Leafcaller. All that is needed to complete the combo is in fact pretty simple: a creature that can tap for two mana - in Standard, there are two creatures which help make this combo happen: Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro and Fyndhorn Elder. How does this combo work? You enchant Freed from the Real on the two-mana producer. You tap this two-mana producer for two mana. Feed one through Orochi Leafcaller, and untap your two-mana producer. Rinse and repeat. People who have read this combo off Mark Gottlieb's article have no doubt been finding ways and means to exploit this combo in the Kamigawa block to its fullest.

In truth, this combo actually also works with Mycosynth Lattice replacing Orochi Leafcaller for obvious reasons. The truly irreplacable piece is actually Freed from the Real in the current Standard environment. The combo, using 3 pieces, is very difficult to pull off, and for obvious reasons - must have control elements from other colours. This I will discuss is more detail later. Until next time. :D