About Fantasy of War: Storm Arc

I have finally gotten down to rethinking the Storm arc of the Fantasy of War which is being portrayed in some pieces along the lines of the posts under the category of Story. I have reason to believe that I will delete those pieces of shoddy writing and replace them with better ones. Much better ones. The Storm arc has been rewritten heavily due to it's bearing on the whole Fantasy of War story. Why does it bear heavily on the storyline? It marks the first true point of entry for the true players of the game in the true absolute war that has dragged on for more than several billion years. The Storm arc has been recreated in a new manner. A manner that brings in far more thinking than the original idea. The original idea was more similar to the sort of story where you make enemies, you find new enemies, you kill enemies, and you get to the entire arc storyline twist: all very mediocre. How am I rewriting the Storm arc of the Fantasy of War? I rewriting it to put in elements I hadn't considered of using before. As the Storm arc is a turning point in the future of the human race, I believe that it should be a turning point for things far more complex than merely the simplicity of a war between races. It should be a turning point for everything - everything worth mentioning. I have made this arc so central to the storyline, that this arc can be the beginning, and can lead straight to the ending arc.

That is all. :D