Nothing New, Just an Update

I know I haven't been posting much. It hasn't been because I have had nothing to write about - I have tons. I just don't have time to do any of it. I'm supposed to be writing a script right now, and I haven't gotten down to doing it yet. Some scriptwriter I am. I just reallly have had little time - I have been thinking heavily on my assignments as well as a new field that has distracted me: competitive Magic. Am I going to write more about competitive Magic now? I probably would. Another fun infinite combo has shown up, and I've gotten all the pieces. Is this combo competitive? No - not with Cranial Extraction around. Then, what am I planning? Absolute madness. So mad, I wouldn't enter it in any tournament. So unplayable, that no one could every conceive themselves playing in tournaments with such a deck. Why? I don't care. I want to play decks that I find fun to play. There's nothing like fooling around my Affinity that actually does run massively off the Affinity mechanic, unlike most "Affinity" decks and pulling off a Crush of Wurms and repeating that the following turn. What is my new plan for a crazy deck? Something like my Affinity deck, of course. There's nothing quite like going off with your crazy infinite mana and doing what I did in my Affinity deck - playing enormous amounts of creatures - including some Myojin with counters. Am I going to be telling you how to play this kind of junk? Probably. Do I have other junk to show you? Yes - most definitely.

However, I've been filling my time with GTA: San Andreas, which is so full of missions - and I intend to finish them. I'm so lacking in time now that I'm messing around with my sleep patterns to accelerate my brain and switch it back on - which it did today. Hence, I'm delaying my PSP review again. So what's new? A strange article on a Standard infinite mana combo deck - that doesn't need the combo to win.

There's now a new category - it's called reviews. I've decided to start this category in light of my plan to put more reviews on my blog. This is in line with the last time, when I introduced the Magic category. Expect more categories as the blog grows are matures!