Review: PSP Part 1

After months of me getting the PSP, I have yet to provide you with a full detailed review of this wonderful cool looking device. Why? My failure to get hold of a camera to grab a few goods shots. As of yet, I still have no good shots, but I will not let that stop me. I have a few good shots of the PSP from Sony, taken presumably by extremely experienced photographers, so I will just use these instead. (And yes, this paragraph is a long explanation of why I'm lazy.)

For this part 1 of the review - there is no review. :D This part 1 is meant for you to know what I'm talking about when part 2 of the review (the main review) shows up with pictures of my own PSP. Of course, my own photos will be terrible, so I'm depending on these to tell you what I'm talking about later.

This is the the left half portion of the front of the PSP. The analog stick (or nub) is the rough looking object, the D-pad is very obvious, the left shoulder button is on the top end, and the strap attaches to the hole down there. The green light indicates WiFi status, while the orange light indicates Memory Stick status. (well, wasn't that pretty obvious). The Home button is there, along with the volume control buttons. :D

Now, for the other half! The quick screen and audio control buttons are there next to the select and start buttons. Above of the usual suspects, the trademark Playstation buttons and the Power and Hold indicator. What else could you expect from Sony?

This is the top of the PSP.

The bottom of the PSP. :D

The On switch. Push it up to switch it on. Push it up a short while to go into Sleep mode, push it a long time to make it switch off completely, and push it downwards to make sure no other button works. :D

The Wireless LAN switch. Switch it off, or find that your battery is going to die a lot quicker. :D

To be continued soon... I promise. :D