What to Look at for Saviors of Kamigawa

Here's my take on what's good and fun - they may not be stellar choices, but they'll be funny cards. 1. Akuta, Born of Ash - black should be pretty good at wisdom - since you'd likely be whacking your opponent for his cards to gain card advantage - its that simple. 4 to cast 3/2 - not too bad for a recurring creature. 2. Ayumi, the Last Visitor - 5 to cast 7/3 - with legendary landwalk - its 3 toughness makes it hard to burn with Shock, but the legendary landwalk makes it valuable in Standard - being low cost - soul shifting this is also good. 3. Blood Clock - are you thinking what I'm thinking? Control the board! 4. Kirin - I believe most of the Kirin are really good things to play - always play an expensive spirit spell. *grins evilly* 5. Captive Flame - Firebreathing across the board is never bad. 6. Charge Across the Araba - Game ender - proves that red isn't the only one who can sacrifice lands for damage! 7. Choice of Damnations - This, I suspect - is gonna cost hell of a lot - it's 6 to cast - and at that kind of late game, it's likely to end it also. 8. Dense Canopy - Turn flying into shadow (hehehehehehe...)! 9. Descendant of Masumaro - This is a funny card that can grow or shrink - but while the ability is green, you cannot play a monogreen and expect this to grow - it's a card you have to play in combination with other cards to gain supreme advantage. 10. Elder Pine of Jukai - More and more mana acceleration is in Kamigawa - which leads me to believe Ravnica is going to use some of this madness. 11. Enduring Ideal - Hondens, anyone? 12. Eternal Dominion - What's more fun than taking your opponent's stuff to use as your own? Owning him in Magic by doing nothing but that. :D 13. Evermind - seems useless? two mana per card per spirit or arcane spell isn't bad - plus, it adds to wisdom! 14. Feral Lightning - Expensive - but helpful once you've slaughtered everything else! 15. Footsteps of the Goryo - Reanimate something that does something useful when it lives, or when it dies. A Legendary Dragon Spirit would be fine. 16. Gaze of Adamaro - How else would you deal with a wisdom based opponent who has card advantage? 17. Ghost-Lit Redeemer, Ghost-Lit Stalker - 'nuff said! 18. Glitterfang - Spirit spell that stays to trigger spiritcraft for as long as you like... (I'm thinking Evermind...) 19. Gnat Miser - *grins evilly* What about taking away your opponent's wisdom? 20. Hand of Cruelty - get this if you play black - undeniably useful. 21. Hidetsugu’s Second Rite - a burn spell that is truly value for mana. 22. Homura, Human Ascendant - play it, kill it - have fun with your 6/4 flying Viashino Sandstalker or 3/3 Glitterfang. 23. Ideas Unbound - looking for one card? This is what you need. 24. Iname as One - nearly not usable, but adds to the cool factor when you win with it. ;) 25. Kaho, Minamo Historian - I can't stress more how useful this is in games - so I won't. ;) 26. Kataki, War’s Wage - see that annoying Jitte? Make him pay for it! 27. Kiku’s Shadow - not completely useful, not completely useless. 28. Locust Miser - make life more difficult, shrink your opponent's hand. 29. Manriki-Gusari - hate equipment (thinks Jitte) - kill it! 30. Measure of Wickedness - bored? Play this and have fun! 31. Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker - seek the truth - and kill weenies and blasters. 32. Murmurs from Beyond - How to get what your opponent's think you don't need... *grins* 33. One with Nothing - What's this for? Many people can argue this out for years. I'd say - seek and ye shall find! 34. Oppressive Will - Card advantage = Blue, Counterspell = Blue, Card advantage dependent couterspell = Genius 35. Overwhelming Intellect - Saw that Iname As One? Wanna get something from it? 36. Pain’s Reward - you willing to pay for four cards? Go ahead! I dare you. 37. Pithing Needle - anti Ravager - but that's not around anymore now, is it? 38. Promise of Bunrei - creature generation 39. Promised Kannushi - Something you play to kill, and get something better back. 40. Reverence - Rever me - or actually... 41. Sakashima the Impostor - mirroring was never this flexible 42. Sakura-Tribe Scout - no comment needed 43. Seek the Horizon - I seek land, so give it to me! 44. Sekki, Seasons’ Guide - chase this card to the depths of the ocean, 8 to cast 8/8 annoyance. 45. Twincast - What could be better than to double your take?