New Plugins for the Blog

I've finally come up with the time to install updated versions of plug-ins for the blog today. Nothing is going to change on the front page - I think it looks fine as it is now. I believe it will not change until I decide to update WordPress again for any reason whatsoever. Lazy me. :D Here's what's changed behind the scenes, at least what I added today: SpamKarma has been updated to 1.20. An autopinger for Project Petaling Street (which I believe doesn't work properly - yet.) A comments editor (it seems SpamKarma now keeps deleted comments - which might get messy for me later on.) A simple translator bar - which most of you don't need - so it might be removed later in the future. ;)

I've also done a little tweaking to certain things around the blog to keep things things running faster and more efficiently. Are there any more under-the-hood tweaks? Probably not. But expect a few new things to arrive. ;)