Rekindling New Year Resolutions

It's a nice Friday. I don't have to go to university/college today. Then, what am I doing now? I am sitting down here - typing out this nice little blog post for all of the Internet to read - of course, not many people actually read this blog post. I've seen huge varieties of blogs on the net. Some are entertaining, some are extremely related to you, some are completely insane, some belong to absolute tech geeks - and some belong to people who can't seem to let things go to the other side (like uranium238's ruler). Just to recap, my main resolution was to study. To actually pick up a book and study real hard for my examinations. Am I doing that right now? Absolutely not. What I am doing now is combing through my brain for new ideas for a new sci-fi storyline that is by far beyond all others (of which I have been absolutely successful). Am I studying - not really? What happened to all that resolve to study - it vanished or at least remanifested itself in listening to my lecturers and tutors. I'm currently seeing first year Business Statistics, Accounting 2 and Macroeconomics as something so fundamentally simple that there is little or no need to study for them. There is no subject simpler than these subjects. They give me the impression that there is nothing to study. I went for the few revision classes this week - I was absolutely annoyed by them. I was so angered by the both the lecturer and students in the class that I left halfway through the class. I stayed on for some others, not because I liked the lecturer (the class I left halfway was probably my favourite lecturer among these fundamental subjects) - but because the lecturer showed us something new.

Then, let me come to the unfamiliar subject of Managerial Communication. I have never heard of this subject, let alone know anything before taking it. I'm taking it now - and I have never seen my assignments get better marks before. The lecturer is the Microeconomics lecturer I had in my earlier semester. My comment was that he was good - but he was bringing little of interest to the table for me - but I listened anyway. Now that he is teaching what I would call unfamiliar ground - I like his lectures. Tutorials are a little different, since they are more activity oriented. There are various assignments to complete - all of which were quite enjoyable to write regardless of what it was about. This is the only subject I think I'll actually like although I don't really like the subject itself. I have little interest in communication theories - but I am interested in communication as a multipurpose tool in the real world. I've seen communication breakdowns before - they were absolutely madness - and I already knew how to handle these situations. The subject further clarified how to improve on this - which I believ will help later in life - regardless of whether I become a manager or not.

How are my resolutions going after 4 months into the year? They haven't gone anywhere. The only things that have gone somewhere is this blog. This blog has been undergoing massive changes everywhere that most of you will never see - all to improve both the experience of you, the readers, and I, the blogger. What becomes of the story? A column jump from my exams. We'll see what is on the other end several weeks after my finals are over.