A Look at a DVD Burner

Recently, I decided to take a good look at the DVD burner I just purchased. It's a Pioneer DVR-109B. The bulk version of Pioneer's A09XLB. Why in the world did I buy this burner? My friend (uranium238) seemed to recommend it a lot. How is it doing? It's doing absolutely fine. I've used it to burn about 9 4x DVD-Rs. I'm pretty confident that my media is good, since it's OEM manufacturer's code shows it's from Taiyo Yuden. Not bad. I'm saving a little more money so I can get a few more DVD+RWs to burn with, but I've realised that burning DVDs it time consuming. To burn and verify a 4x disc takes roughly half an hour. The upside? I don't have to burn as often. I'm finding myself burning about 2 discs every two weeks, and to me, that's a huge time savings. What will become of my leftover CD-Rs? My CD-Rs will likely become places for small stuff like family photos, my family computer backups. (But my user is about 3GBs big, so you know what to think. ;)