Artifacts Still Haunt Standard...

I thought I was just going to post a simple rant here to warn people to bring lots of artifact hate to constructed tournaments. What would that artifact be? Just a simple artifact - called Umezawa's Jitte. While I have completely hammered its potential power, apparently, it's an extremely powerful rare. I have one or two in my collection, but I haven't sold them yet. :D It was weak before thanks to the gruelling artifact hate in Standard as well as the existence of Affinity decks. Artifacts have come back to haunt - and they aren't going to back down until it's over. I've dismissed Umezawa's Jitte as a threat for many reasons - first of all, I've never seen one in action and still haven't. To me, it's too expensive to lose to a Naturalize. To me, that's four mana down the drain. Why? I carry artifact hate as much as I can because as long as Mirrodin is around no one is safe. Casual players are actually more immune to simple Jittes simply because they always have something to deal with it. It hits the table - time to bring in more stuff to kill it off. It's madness because it will most definitely kill something if it manages to deal combat damage the first round it's in.

The absolute madness can only be stopped by total annilation of the equipment - so go figure. I've just realised its power. The other reason I didn't see it was because it cost four mana to play and equip - and was most definitely beyond a logical threat - no one would be crazy enough to be able to use it on turn three. I was probably wrong on that point. I've been rethinking the card and realised its pretty abusive - thus the legendary tag. How do we solve this problem? Destroy it. How? Dismantle. Naturalize. Anything - including your own Umezawa's Jitte.

And by the way, white equipment decks are likely to rule with this card here. Would you play more than two Jitte in one deck? I don't think so though - unless Jitte warps the metagame that badly.

May the Jitte's madness rule all.