The Truth Behind This Blog

comment :{ This was an April's Fool's Day joke. Do not take this seriously. I am not a Migrisa ascend. Even if I were, I can't help you ascend. "Rule No.1: No higher shall help a lower ascend."} OK, most readers of this blog and those who know me probably only know me as a normal college student, living in this place called Bandar Utama and I'm from this planet called Earth. You would also know that I'm trying to get into an Australian university so that I can do Actuarial Science and so on. Well, today, it's time to tell you the truth.

:D Ready?

OK, now about me. I am an ascended being from another dimension. My world is called Migrisa (roughly translated from the pronounciation). My race is known as the Kito. I come from roughly 20000 years in the future. I have come to this world as a human being out of curiosity as I have to what is known as the First World and the Last World. Being an ascended being mean I am a rather timeless being, despite that fact, it is not know whether I can die or not, but this human body will die.

When did I come to Earth? It was actually only about 6 years ago. The previous inhabitant of this body was driven off when this body was struck by lightning six years ago. I took this opportunity to enter it, and attempt to salvage the remainder. Being successful, I managed to simply use this body. However, the lightning strike erased most of the previous memories of this host body, causing me to lack memories of anything that had happened roughly more than 1 year before that.

I grew bored with this world in less than a few months. The mundane and insiginificant events leading up to this point in my 'life' have been pretty boring. I've decided to stay until this body reaches 25 years of age, then I'll look about for new worlds, of course, that is if I am allowed to leave. The other ascended have not agreed to my short bout here, as they have said it may corrupt me - and they will have to sort of 'cleanse' me by me staying until this body dies. LOL - doesn't matter now - does it? :D