Today is My Birthday!

Today is my birthday. (OK, so what's new...) If you noticed when I changed the site in March, I also removed my age from the author description from *age* student to diploma student. Actually - that's not exactly true, I'm in my second year of my diploma, but the first year of my degree - sort of. I'm now a year older. Am I more mature compared to a year ago? Not really. I've actually regressed in a less mature form. I'm so bloody bored with college lectures and tutorials (what do you do when 75% of all your classes are repeats of foundation year?). All my friends and I seem to do in lectures and tutorials really really often: talk, chat, complain about lecturers, make fun of them, splash odd comments and just act bored and disruptive. You know what my favourite past time is during lectures? Reading text books. Believe it. It's THAT BORING. Reading text books is more engrossing than listening to what the lecturer has to say about supply and demand, taxes, incentives, T-accounts, flexible budgets, how to draw graphs.

It's like pure torture sitting in class. I'm actually supposed to be doing the finishing touches for my Macroeconomics assignment. I'm supposed to be writing the last round of my assignment commenting on some obscure graph. I actually also have an Accounting assignment to do which I'm currently working on as I toil on this post. And yes, my brain is multi-threading. It's like thinking about this and that without me wanting to think it. And btw, I just finished Half-Life 2. I replayed it in its full glory with 4xAA 4xAF, everything set to high but reflections. The graphics still rock. Now, all I have to do is find some time to play Devil May Cry 3.

Oh well, what a birthday I'm having. Time to go. See you guys in a bit.