Chaos, Death and End

I think some of you may be wondering why my MSN nickname contains these "negative" words. The truth is, it is actually linked to an experience lately.

It was on the LRT. When I stepped on the train, I suddenly felt a cold chill. I don't know what it was, but I believe it was Death on that train. I could feel time moving slower - I suddenly felt like something was going to happen, but nothing did. It felt as if the train was moving a lot slower than normal, and the chill kept bugging me. It felt like there was moment time had literally stopped and I looked at the other passengers who seemed to be frozen in time on one instance.

Then, everything went back to normal. The chill was still there - and I didn't think Death had left either. I finally got off at the Kelana Jaya station, where the chill didn't leave me until I was nearly at the exit of the station.