What Is A Blog?

I've been rethinking about the meaning of blog. It's supposed to be short for web log. In other words, I could probably call the log for this server (since it's viewable online) a blog? I don't think that's quite right. Let's be more realistic. The word blog now is actually synonymous with an online diary. But I don't think I've been using it as much of an online diary. I've been using it more for a place to tell the world what you want to tell them. Sometimes, you tell the world what you want to do. Sometimes, you tell them what you did earlier. Sometimes, you may write a story that you hope the world will read. Other times, you may write out articles about things you like or don't like.

I actually make a variety of posts in my own mind every few days, some I keep in my head, some I type online. Of those I type online, some you will never see. Some of them I delete, some of them I keep as private, but about 70% of what I type into this WordPress window usually ends up where it should be - with you reading it.