Predictive - Or Just Mere Intuition?

Today, I decided to have fun trying out to see if I can predict the near (really near) future or not. Here's what I did - I looked at my watch - started the stopwatch, and decided to try it for some fun. I visualized a RapidKL bus coming down the road when the stopwatch hit 13 minutes and 56 seconds. I was right - except that the bus was on the other side of the road going the other way. I tried again, this time trying to be more specific, and guessed that another bus would show up at 14 minutes 21 seconds. I was right - a RapidKL bus came - but it wasn't the route I wanted to take. This time I decided to be even more specific - I visualised the bus number. I got a time of 14 minutes 56 seconds. I was again right this time round - the bus came to a complete stop at the bus stop at exactly 14 minutes 56 seconds, although I didn't get into the bus until the stop watch hit 15 minutes 1 second. Coincidence that I chose correct stopwatch readings? I honestly don't know about that. :P