In The End, You Die.

It's true, isn't it? Regardless of what you do, where you do whatever it is you intend to do, you are going to die one day. To you and to many others it is true. Death is inevitable. We are talking about the end of your days. Most of us will probably die of old age - the weakness of the human body is its limited capability to regenerate. Regardless, you will do a million things to live on. If you're diabetic, you'll be on insulin to avoid a diabetic coma and dying. If you have cancer, you go through whatever treatment possible, unless you find yourself in a hopeless advanced state. If you have a bacterial infection, you take antibiotics. If you have a viral infection, you take antiviral medication. (Such creativity.) The truth is - at the end of the day - all of us are as sure as hell going to die. Most of the time, we don't want to die not because of ourselves being just simply afraid of death. We are thinking about what happens to loved ones, what happens to ones you love and what happens when you die. Some of us believe that we go to heaven or hell. Some people believe hell is the only way to go. Some people believe is a place where you can wait for everyone before journeying to a new land. Some people may merely believe you just plain die - meaning when you die, you can't do anything about it but... um.... die. :D

What's the lesson from today's post? Nothing really. You already know this. So, maybe a new piece of advice - afraid of dying? You might as well forget about that fear - you gonna die anyway, so forget about your fear of dying. :D Of course, if medical science could save you, go for it - not like you have much to lose anyway.