The One in Prophecy

The One in Prophecies Frankly, I'm not one for prophecies of the return of the Great Teacher or whatever. Frankly, I don't know why all these ads show up. Must be thet danged way I express myself on the blog. In fact, by blogging about this, I'm probably drawing more attention to myself. I read my own ads often to find new and funny things to write about. Like heck, I agree we all are entitled to wait for the return of whoever that is destined to lead the religions. However, looking at the sorry state of humanity as it is now, if I were the Great Teacher, I would say that I would expressedly saddened by all this horrible things that have happened up to this point. World wars, this war against terrorism agenda and more. Apparently humans are good at one thing: WAR. To prove my point, I want to write a series of books that will sell well because I know humans like war: the Fantasy of War.

We are all one race, one species of humans, but a lot of things separate us beyond just simple physical distance. We'll see what happens when madness descends and changes all. What do you see happening next?