Seeing the World in Black and White

This is about colour blindness, if you're wondering about that in your mind already. It about thinking so simple that it gives you only two choices. Let me give you an example of a misdirected view.Black and White Think about what you've been doing. Are you seeing the world in black and white? I have reason to believe most of us do. We define epic battles as always between two parties, but in truth, wars are not always so simple. I'm sure it sounded simple when it was Axis v. Allies. But who were the stakeholders in the war? Everyone. Anyone and everyone who got in the range of these two forces would fight battles of their own.

The same goes for good and evil. No, not the third party part, but the thin gray line. But if you think about it, it actually is a pretty thick line. It's the good and evil lines which are really thin. Most of us are somewhere along this grey line. How many people have you seen live in this world that are completely evil? Even the most evil of people know exactly what it's like when you're in a dilemma.

What about light and darkness? ;)