Too Many Coincidences

Ever felt that your life was full of too many coincidences? Well, I do. In addition to that, I can predict the future within the next 30 seconds or so, which makes coincidences not only weird, but also common. I can have instances where everything moves like clockwork, and this happens very often, even with Malaysia's supremely 'efficient' transport system. I could be taking a not very regular monorail, catch a very regular train, catch another regular bus, and wait for another irregular bus. The amazing thing was that I did all this without really waiting for more than a minute. It'll be like reaching the station, and the transport comes nearly immediately. Stuff like this doesn't happen in Malaysia often. Everything is usually awfully off sync, and everything can change in a moment. Sometimes, you must notice all the signs of irony. Anything you don't expect happening. Stuff that's weird, like the college your going to actually started opened a day before you came into being. Everything in this world is linked. A rock out of place could change another person's life, and then it will trigger a chain that might eventually affect you. Nothing stays the same for very long. You know exactly how many people live in this world. Anyone of them could kill you without knowing it.

Life changes completely as everything else does. The ingenuity of life and fate itself unravels as time goes by. I do not think any single human can decipher the threads that are woven into the intricate detail of this world. Time passes on as fragments move along.

All the evils will gather, and destroy everything everyone has ever experienced, dreamed of, thought of. All will be lost but themselves.