In A Perfect World

Let me try defining the perfect world, for today's post.In a perfect world, a day would last forever. In a perfect world, your loved ones will never die. In a perfect world, you have no enemies. In a perfect world, you will live forever. In a perfect world, you can play all day and never work. In a perfect world, nobody tells lies. In a perfect world, everyone is always happy. Now, that sounds like paradise for most people, right?

Now, I'm wondering what a world would be like, if it fulfilled all those attributes. Let's talk in term of planets: we would have to have a planet surrounded by roughly 3 suns, and only one human being. Thinking sensibly, you would be alone, thus you would have no loved ones to die, and no enemies to hate. You will technically live forever, because it doesn't matter if you die or not. You could play all day because you are supply and demand. You don't need to work, because the planet should be full of plants you could eat and never exhaust. Nobody tells lies because you can't exactly lie to yourself without knowing it. What about everyone being happy? Well, we could say that the flowers on that planet drug you into some dream, where you couldn't care less.

What a perfect world we live in. ;)