New Year Resolution

What is your new year resolution? Mine is to actually study, as most of you should already know. Part of my new year resolution actually involves me getting this new domain name, known as I have a few other secret resolutions that will be unraveled as I go through the paces of building my web site. I love building a web site, but I seriously hate studying. I despise this act known as mugging the books. I hate it, I hate people who do it. I believe that only absolute study nerds would put themselves through such 'torment'. Most of them actually enjoy it, but some people slug it out in full force. I plainly can't do that. My absolute strength is application. Give me nearly any application question and I'll answer it to the full extent of my ability. I admire those people who can both mug and apply very well, but I heavily look down on those who mug only. What my other resolution? To release a set of the initial rules for Sword Fantasy. Why? So I can finally build a game based on it. I'll probably have a lot of balancing to do at first, so that all classes are good first classes. :D