Last Post for 2004

Some of you on MSN Messsenger should have noticed my nick now says: "Atropos: New Year Resolution - To actually study." What is this supposed to mean? It means my new year resolution is to actually sit down and study for any future exams. I haven't really been truly studying. In fact I've been flipping through my books to no avail at trying to get information into my head. It's true what they say in Economics about diminishing marginal utility. The more time you spend studying, the less goes into your head. In this case, the marginal increase in knowledge becomes negative after too much studying. In case you haven't noticed, I've put a rather makeshift copyright notice on the bottom of the sidebar. I'll eventually put an exclusion clause. For now, that exclusion clause would be implied as I have written nothing yet. If you want proof that I believe in the contingency theory, note that I used Mambo for this site, and I will be using Drupal for another site I'm working on. I believe that different projects need different approached. Every situation is unique. I also realised that I'm a task oriented leader, being as emotionless as I supposedly am. :D I've always begun to look at buying and selling things in a new light, by creating and discharing contracts nearly immediately. The inherent effects of my entire post right here could probably be a change in the demand for my blog, which could inadvertedly change the supply (the rate at which I post). Of course, if I decide to post more often, I'm pretty sure that it would be no problem. And about the tsunami survivors, they should be really happy. Despite having to writeoff many of their now destroyed assets, as well as having to bear higher liabilities (emergency money from credit cards), they survived. With such a large amount of people dead, it is safe to say that the supply of labour will shift to a lower graph, which would mean that the price for labour (pay) which would be survivors would be higher. In addition, the supply of lodging would be vastly different now. Eventually, the houses would be rebuilt. The houses would be rebuilt at a higher rate than the population of survivors, therefore the supply of houses would return to the point they were in about 5 years. This however means that the rent for these places would be considerably lower. This as it is would mean that the tsunami provides some form of economic relief for survivors, at costs that are pretty high, equalling to emotional damage suffered as well as economic loss. However, it is not possible to sue God for the tort of negligence of the people as there is no court powerful enough to rule upon such power. In addition, God is not exactly our neighbour, but God's actions directly affect us, and thus.... (I'll stop here before I bore you guys to Death.) Now, enjoy your New Year. Hope you enjoyed this post for all it was worth.