New Theme, New Host

I've decided to switch to a new theme again. The last switch was around 3.5 years ago, in October 2008. That was the first switch to a simpler design. The one I used up until September 2008 was a more complicated theme, customized to my liking, and even had an AJAX search box. What's the difference between this theme and the old one? The top bar has been simplified and streamlined - I've kept only the newer categories, and removed all the smaller, less important ones. It no longer has a hover dropdown. The theme is also responsive - which means it'll work on smaller screens as well as larger ones. As a consequence of this change, I've shrunk the Google Adsense ads again. Why would I do this? So the theme will work perfectly on an iPhone screen. I have no idea what it looks like on an Android screen at the moment, but it should work on a 320 by 480 screen, so I don't think it'll break anywhere else.  (If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll notice every time I switch themes my ads seem to grow smaller).

I've switched to a new host: WebFaction. Why? I was outgrowing my old host in terms of what I needed. I was with the previous host for a total of nearly 8 years. (It is, in fact, paid for until the end of this year.) I needed space for my other websites as well, so WebFaction, which I have grown familiar with because of Pressyo and its projects, seemed like the perfect fit. I have a few projects of my own, and this was really outgrowing what Cpanel hosts were capable of. What projects are these? You might or might not have seen ManaHelix or MagicCardRank. I started those projects some time last year, while I haven't updated them in a while, I will. They are just simple hobbies for now, but I hope that they'll grow into more interesting projects as time passes.

Update: Tested on Android, both on Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich default browsers - the search field fails to display (not sure why), but otherwise everything works - YAY! Also - higher resolution images for higher PPI screens browsing in webkit (also known as retina displays...).