Deck : All-In-Red / Demigod Stompy

[deck title=All-In-Red][land] 14 Mountain [/land] [creatures] 4 Demigod of Revenge 4 Deus of Calamity 1 Dominus of Fealty 3 Magus of the Moon 4 Simian Spirit Guide [/creatures] [other spells] 4 Desperate Ritual 4 Manamorphose 4 Seething Song 4 Empty the Warrens 4 Rite of Flame 3 Blood Moon 2 Chalice of the Void 4 Chrome Mox 1 Chandra Ablaze [/other spells] [/deck]

This deck is a fun, fast deck that proves Magic is still an unpredictable game.

The deck aims to do two things - play [card]Blood Moon[/card] or [card]Magus of the Moon[/card] early enough to screw most other Extended format decks over - punishing them for their over reliance on nonbasic lands for mana and their mana fixing. The other is to drop something big and scary that costs 5 mana.

There's also always [card]Empty the Warrens[/card] - with its Storm count being fueled with your mana spells for extra craziness.

Every once in a while you can pull off the turn 1 drop - and really wreck their day. I haven't tried the deck with [card]Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs[/card] - but I bet in some metagames he's way awesome.