We're In 2010!

Let's take a look at my goals for 2009 :-

1. Get my photography up to scratch – I still suck at taking photos, be it visualizing photos, or even just getting shots with my ultrasharp 50mm prime.

2. Learn how to solve a megaminx – I’m quite sure this won’t be too big a problem, but hey, you’d never know.

3. Get a job – Now that I’ve graduated and have decided to not study any more for a while, it’s time to enter the working world and find a job. The economic downturn won’t make this easy, but I certainly hope I’ll be employed before the latter half of 2009.

4. Learn how to solve the 5×5x5 cube without a formula sheet – LOL.

5. Get my 3×3x3 solving skill into the sub-40 second range. (I’m now in sub-60.)

6. Put way more stories on Pressyo.

7. Study smarter! Work harder! Sleep more! (LOL)

Here's the results as of 31st December 2009: 1. My photography is a little better, but it's still pretty awful overall. I have little skill in using a lot of my gear, and looks like I'll still be learning my gear more in 2010 than improving actual photography skill. I have gained a new piece of gear of 2009 - a Nikon SB800 - which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. (for lighting)

2. I can now solve a megaminx - so goal accomplished!

3. I do have a job - but I wasn't employed until the latter half of 2009 - and it's not actuarial, sadly - but 2010 is a new year, and I have hope. :D

4. I could solve my 5x5x5 without a formula sheet for about a month - now I've forgotten how to solve it again though.

5. My 3x3x3 solve is surprisingly now sub-30 seconds. I'm impressed it got that fast considering all I did was focus on making myself faster, not learning anything new.

6. I put a lot of stories on Pressyo - but eventually I got tired of it, and stopped since we're now going into a redevelopment stage again.

7. My study skills have gotten better - I'm now way better at deciding what I need to focus on - no more tending towards what I like to do - which was an awful habit.

In my opinion, I got about half of the goals - and surprisingly, some programming on a Hecatomb card game program went through.

I haven't really thought much about goals for this year, but here's a few:

1. I think I probably just really want to find a better job (at least a more interesting one).

2. Blog more - already got a backlog of stuff to post - just haven't prepared them for posting on the site - I think once a week is realistic, but I'd rather have a post up twice a week. Considering I'm now working, three times a week doesn't work any more. Twittering every day might just work though.

3. Pass more exams. I screwed up one exam last year pretty badly, and I'm not keen on failing any more.

That's it. Seems pretty boring - but I think the 3 goals I've set are massive ones.