Jumping on the Bandwagon

I'm hardly the world's fastest adopter of new websites. Video game technology, maybe, but certainly not new websites. Despite that, I'm probably aware of their existence significantly before most people are - just that I refuse to join in until much later, usually after their worth has been proven. Most things I do usually have roughly a delay of a year - I refused joining most friend networking sites (yes, even friendster and facebook) for quite a while after I got the first e-mail asking me to join. The dangerous things my friends do, giving out e-mails and passwords simply because someone asked for it.

The latest bandwagon I've jumped on is Twitter, and tweeting. Not to say I'm not familiar with the idea - but I wanted to wait a while. My blog did have a short rants section for a while,  a change that dates back to more than a year ago.

I haven't quite decided how much tweeting I'm going to do, but the content of my tweets are certainly not the same as things that go into short rants - but I recognise that there is an overlap - and there is a good chance that it'll replace my short rants somewhat. I've also become particularly cautious, making sure that there is a backup of my tweets on the blog server too - as well as a weekly digest of my tweets - so that in case twitter goes down for whatever reason, I don't lose those precious amounts of ramblings and rantings.

I'm going to try and do it right and try to tweet at least once every 24 hours - but we all know how well I do with schedules and routines that aren't study or work. We'll see how long it lasts.